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- Text size: + -  Number: 8238180صفحه نخست » Short NewsThu, 19th Oct 2017 - 16:41
Iran to continue developing missile defense might
In a statement issued Thursday, the IRGC said Iran will continue to develop its missile defense might, while pointing out that the new sanctions against IRGC indicate the rage of the US and the Zionist Regime.

The IRGC expressed their gratitude toward the supports of Iranian people and officials, responding to the US President, and emphasized on their will and determination in the constant fight against the Zionist Regime and enhancing the country’s missile defense power.

A part of the statement reads “the aggressive stance of the rogue and imbecile president of the United States, insulting Iranians and enforcing new sanctions against the IRGC, shows the defeat of evil policies of the White House and the Zionist Regime to the change the map of the region and weaken Islamic countries which in turn infuriated them.”

The statement describes as meaningful the national unity in supporting IRGC and condemnation of Trump’s anti-Iran remarks and specifies “this civil organization which is more decisive and powerful than ever before, will continue its constant fight against the oppressive regime of Zionism and will not, even for a second, hesitate defending the Islamic Revolution and the national interests of the country.”

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Source: Mehrnews
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