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US domestic affairs in deep turmoil: Iranian MP
Iranian MP Saffari Natanzi says that the US international problems have got so complicated that Trump and congress cannot form an alliance against Iran nuclear deal.
Saffari Natanzi says that the US international problems have got so complicated that Trump and congress cannot form an alliance against Iran nuclear deal.

“What US President Trump’s remarks suggest is that JCPOA is an international treaty reliant upon United Nations Security Council resolution, the signatories including the US are obliged and forced to shoulder some commitments,” said an Iranian MP on Tuesday.

Morteza Saffari Natanzi, the MP of the Iranian Parliament s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee who heads the foreign relations sub-committee of the commission made the remarks after US President Trump declined to issue the certification asked by congress for continuing US involvement in Iran nuclear agreement.

In July 14, 2017, Iran and 5+1 group of countries signed an agreement in Austrian capital city of Vienna, which later was referred to as Iran nuclear deal. As the then US President Obama did not manage to get congress yes vote, the American legislator obliged him to send a certification report attesting Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement every 90 days.

“Since the fall of the former USSR, US has undertaken a unilateral path and does whatever they wish,” asserted the Iranian lawmaker. “Now, the JCPOA has laid restraint upon the Americans to act like other signatories of the agreement and this is what makes them angry and discontent with the deal,” reiterated the Iranian legislator.

The Iranian MP reminded that Trump has been from the very early after repealing and pulling out of the agreement but the legal solidity of the JCPOA has obstructed them. “The whole totality of the US establishment is committed to this agreement according to the international regulations and law, and that is why he has made the congress to decide over the agreement,” underlined the Iranian lawmaker.

He also noted that the US congress is not unanimous in deling with Iran nuclear agreement and it is difficult for them to reach an agreement as the recent moves of Trump has already isolated US.

“The Americans staged two wars in our region in the last 15 years and contrary to their expectations Iran’s influence on the region has grown,” said Mr. Saffari Natanzi, “and that’s why now they have turned the sharp edge of the blade toward Iran to put into practice an escape forward policy.”

“I think the core of issue, for all these hypes and propaganda, is that the Americans have reaped nothing more than defeat in the region and they are resorting to the JCPOA to create a new hype,” stressed the Iranian lawmaker, “in my opinion we should keep our advantage in the region and ignore Trump’s blusters.”

When the Iranian legislator was asked if he saw a share of tasks between Trump and congress for violating the JCPOA, he said that “the domestic affairs in US is in such a turmoil that they cannot share the job because Trump is severely being criticized by the American parties and politicians.”

“Because the international regulations does not allow US to withdraw from the agreement, Trump has left the job upon congress to judge Iran’s commitment or lack of commitment to the JCPOA and the return of the sanctions,” opined the MP.

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Source: Mehrnews
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