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  Our commitment to self-defense is not a slogan: Iran FM Zarif
  Our commitment to self-defense is not a slogan: Iran FM Zarif
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Iran slaps Arab claims regarding Iranian islands
On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Bahram Ghasemi, countered the final statement of Arab League ministerial meeting in Cairo.

Bahram Ghasemi denounced the final statement issued in the 146th meeting of Arab League Foreign Ministers and refuted the remarks made by UAE and Kuwait representatives regarding the three Iranian islands of the Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf.

Denying the unsubstantiated claims of Kuwaiti representative against Iran, Ghasemi added “considering the tensions in Arab Leagues meeting, it seems that the repetition of such worn-out accusations are meant to deviate public opinions from actual facts.”

Iran FM spokesperson specified that such a statement is an evident example of intervention in other countries’ domestic affairs. “We strongly condemn such claims on Iranian islands and repudiate its terms” he said while stressing on legal activities within Iran’s territories.

He added “such ill-advised stances can lead to further rifts between the countries of the region and will delay purposeful cooperation.”

Source: Mehrnews
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