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  Iran wushu team claims title of world championship
  Iran wushu team claims title of world championship
  Iran wushu team claim title of world championship
  Iran wushu team claim title of world championship
  Iran wushu team claim title of world championship
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- Text size: + -  Number: 7704371صفحه نخست » Short NewsThu, 14th Sep 2017 - 12:26
Iran to build shelter camps for Myanmar Muslims
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi elaborated on Iran’s political consultations and activities to help the Muslims of Myanmar.

During a talk session, Bahram Ghasemi stated “eventually, after making the necessary arrangements, a delegation led by deputy foreign minister and accompanied by a team from Red Crescent was dispatched to Bangladesh to assess the conditions of Myanmar refugees and deliver the first humanitarian aid supplies.”

Ghasemi also announced Iran’s readiness to build a camp for the refugees and set up a field hospital in Bangladesh. These plans will be executed as soon as the government of Bangladesh issues a license.

According to Ghasemi, Iran’s ambassador to Thailand who is the country’s accreditation envoy to Myanmar is ordered to meet with Myanmar’s deputy foreign minister and discuss the latest conditions of Muslim minority group. During this meeting Iran’s stance on the adversity, violence and the war imposed on the Muslims of this country was clearly elaborated. The Iranian side underlined that continuing on this path will not be beneficial to Myanmar and will face the country with grave consequences.

Ghasemi went on to say that Myanmar authorities were asked to make the necessary arrangements so that Iran can send a diplomatic delegation to the country aiming at negotiations and consultations between the two nations. Iranian envoy also discussed the issuing of necessary licenses for Iran to send humanitarian aids to the afflicted region.

As stated by Foreign Minster spokesperson, Myanmar official for his part, offered some explanations regarding the recent upheavals and promised to carry out the required assessments in order to issue license and pave the way to receive Iran’s humanitarian aids.

Pointing to Iranian foreign minister’s upcoming trip to New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly, Ghasemi said: “during meetings with his counterparts and the present officials, Doctor Zarif will follow up on the conditions of Rohingya Muslims.”

In conclusion to his remarks, Ghasemi stressed that Iran will use all its power and capacities to stand against the violence enforced on the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar.
Source: Mehrnews
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