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  Our commitment to self-defense is not a slogan: Iran FM Zarif
  Our commitment to self-defense is not a slogan: Iran FM Zarif
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JCPOA nonnegotiable intl. agreement
Concerning his negotiations with Putin, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said they emphasized that JCPOA is nonnegotiable and as an international comprehensive agreement, all parties must commit to it.

After his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Russia, Mohammad Javad Zarif stated that they had a positive talk with one another and the two sides discussed their mutual interests.

According to Zarif, Russia’s President is interested in expanding bilateral relations between Russia and Iran and current relations can further develop.

“During the negotiation, it was stressed that the JCPOA is nonnegotiable and all parties are obliged to adhere to this international comprehensive agreement” he said while pointing to cooperation on military, nuclear energy and transportation areas.

Zarif also referred to productive cooperation with Russia which led to establish peace in Syria and voiced optimism that Astana talks can help to accomplish more achievements with regard to peace and security in the region.


Source: Mehrnews
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