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Glorious turnout opens golden chapter in religious democracy  
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif who cast his vote early at the polling station of Jamaran Hosseinieh, paid a visit to the headquarters of executive electoral committee for Iranian expatriates stationed at Foreign Ministry.

“The massive turnout of Iranians in the election inside and outside Iran opens another golden chapter in religious democracy to show it to the world and the best message of this election for the world is that the only way to interact with the Iranian nation is through respect and reverence,” asserted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif after visiting the headquarters of executive electoral committee for Iranian expatriates early on Friday.

He said that the presidential election is uniquely held by Iran in the region and he boasted that it is honorably held simultaneously in other countries.

“Massive turnout, as it has always been affirmed by the Leader of the Revolution, brings about might and reputation for all Iranians,” underlined the top diplomat of Iran.

The Iranian official recounted that a total of 310 ballot boxes in 102 countries across the globe are open to Iranian expatriates wishing to vote for the 12th edition of Iran’s presidential election.

Source: Mehrnews
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